GST fraud|Rs 3.11 lakh crore stolen in five years, Rs 1.03 lakh crore recovered

Throughout the five years of GST fraud, Rs 3.11 million crore was taken, with just Rs 1.03 million crore recovered. With a total of Rs 60,000 crore in misappropriation discovered across all states, Maharashtra led the list, followed by Rs 40,507 crore in Karnataka, Rs 26,156 crore in Gujarat, and Rs 24,217 crore in Delhi.

The biggest causes of the increase in GST-related offences in the nation today are tax evasion, fake invoices with no actual deliveries of goods, cyberfrauds using Goods and Services Tax (GST) identification numbers, creation of shell companies, fictitious business transactions, failure to pay overdue taxes to authorities, and unauthorised claims of input tax credit (ITC).

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