GST Collection January 2023 is Rs 1, 55,922 crore

GST Collection January 2023 has exceeded 1.5 lakh crore for ten consecutive month

GST Revenue Collection of January 2023 as compared to same month of last year

Here the GST revenue Collection 2023 is compared with the same month of last year. That means, it is compared with GST Collection January-2022.

GST CollectionAmount
Gross GST Revenue Collection January 20231,55,922 crore
Gross GST Revenue Collection January 20221,40,986 crore
GST Revenues from import of goods in January,
2023 as compared January, 2022
22% higher
GST Revenues from domestic transaction in
January, 2023 (including import of services)
as compared to January, 2022
29% higher

GST Collection January-2023 summary

Total GST Revenue1,55,922 crore
CGST Revenue28,963 crore
SGST Revenue36,730 crore
IGST Revenue from Import of goods37,118 crore
IGST Revenue from Domestic42,481 crore
Cess Revenue from Import of goods768 crore
Cess Revenue from Domestic9,862 crore

Settlement from IGST Revenue January-2023

IGST SettlementAmount
IGST settled to CGST38,507 crore
IGST settled to SGST32,624 crore
Total CGST Revenue after settlement from IGST (28963+38507)67,470 crore
Total SGST Revenue after settlement from IGST (36730+32624)69,354 crore

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