E-Invoice JSON download functionality Live on the GST e-Invoice Portal

Government has announced GST Advisory on E-Invoice JSON download functionality Live on the GST e-Invoice Portal on 03-10-2023.

GSTN is pleased to inform you that the e-Invoice JSON download functionality is now live on the GST Portal. To help you to navigate and make the most of this feature, some key steps are as below.

To download the generated and received e-Invoices in JSON format, please follow these steps:

  Step 1: Log in

    • Visit the e-Invoice Portal at https://einvoice.gst.gov.in

    • Log in using your GST Portal credentials.

  Step 2: Navigate to Download E-invoice JSONs Section

    • On the main portal page, find the “Download E-Invoice JSONs” section. It has two tabs: “Generated” and “Received.”

    • The “Generated” tab is designed for e-Invoices generated by you, while the “Received” tab is meant for e-Invoices received by you.

Step 3: Search for e-Invoice (By IRN)

    • Click the “By IRN” tab to search for a specific e-Invoice.

    • Enter the IRN (Invoice Reference Number) or pick the Financial Year, Document Type, and Document Number.

    • Hit the “Search” button.

Step 4: View and Download

    • Once you hit search, you will see the specific IRN.

    • To download the signed e-invoice, click “Download PDF” (available for a single active IRN).     • Or, choose “DOWNLOAD E-INVOICE (JSON)” for a JSON format download

  Step 5: Bulk Download (By Period)

    • Use the “For Period” tab to download e-Invoices in bulk for a specific period.

    • Select the Financial Year and Month.

    • Click “DOWNLOAD E-INVOICE (JSON)” to get all e-Invoices in JSON format for that month.

Step 6: Excel Format e-Invoice List (By Period)

    • To get an e-invoice list in Excel format for a specific period:

         • Visit the “List of IRNs” tab.

         • Select the desired Financial Year and Month.

• Click “DOWNLOAD E-INVOICE (Excel).”

Step 7: Downloading History

    • The requested e-Invoices remain in downloading history for 2 days only. Post 48 hours fresh request needs to be initiated.

3.   Additionally, this functionality allows to download all e-invoices reported across all six IRPs (Invoice Registration Portals), i.e. complete data.

4.   Regarding accessibility, you can download e-Invoice JSON files for up to 6 months from the date of IRN generation.

5.   To ensure a smoother experience for all users. It is requested that taxpayers schedule their downloads in a staggered manner during off peak hours and refrain from overwhelming the system with large requests during the initial days.

6.   Moreover, please note that this functionality is also accessible via GSP (GST Suvidha Providers) through G2B (Government-to-Business) APIs.

7.   For your convenience, we have attached a comprehensive manual and FAQ document below for your ready reference. The same can be accessed at: https://tutorial.gst.gov.in/downloads/news/e-invoice_json_download_functionality.pdf

Download PDF E-invoice JSON Functionality

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