Introduction of New facility to verify document Reference Number (RFN)by issuing GSTN Updates April 2023.

The GST portal has issued GSTN Updates April 2023to verify document Reference Number (RFN). The GST portal (“System”) generates various documents, such as notices/ orders, etc which are communicated to the taxpayer. Most such documents have a system-generated unique identifier DIN (Document Identification Number)/ RFN (Reference Number). These documents, by virtue of being generated by the System, are already traceable in the portal, mostly on the taxpayer’s dashboard. Still, a facility for taxpayers to verify such documents through such auto-generated RFN is under development and will be provided shortly.

In addition, in order to enable the taxpayers to ascertain that an offline communication (i.e. one which is not system-generated) was indeed sent by the State GST tax officer or not, a new facility for Reference Number (RFN) generation by State tax officer and verification by taxpayer has been provided. Under this feature, the State Tax office can generate a RFN for the physically generated correspondence sent to the taxpayer, which can be validated by the taxpayer (both pre-login and post-login). The facility to verify RFN of System-generated documents, once deployed, shall also be available in a seamless manner using the same link.

To verify a Reference Number mentioned on the offline communications sent by State GST officers that are being sent to you, navigate to Services > User Services > Verify RFN option and provide the RFN to be verified.

In case the RFN is of an offline communication generated by the State GST officer, the details with the valid RFN will be displayed. The limited details will be provided pre-login also for verification, while greater details will be provided when the taxpayer logs in and verifies RFN mentioned on an offline communication issued to him/ her

This facility is for offline correspondence issued by State GST authorities. For documents issued by Central GST officers, CBIC DIN facility may be used.

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