GST Updates Summary April 2024

This articles covers gst updates summary April 2024. It contains all the Notifications and Circulars issued in April 2024 which covers all GST Updates summary April 2024. All these amendments have been presented hear topic wise and reference of relevant latest gst notifications and latest gst circulars have been given at bottom of each topic. As well as, I have given our own analysis wherever it is necessary.

Waived off Interest for Specified GSTINs having Technical Glitches

The government has decided that certain registered businesses don’t have to pay any extra interest if they couldn’t submit their tax returns on time due to problems with the online system. This rule applies to businesses with specific ID numbers and only for certain months. It’s meant to help those who tried to pay on time but faced technical issues.

These are individuals or businesses who are required to submit their tax returns under a specific section of the law. However, they couldn’t do so for the mentioned month because of technical issues with the online system. Despite this, they had enough money in their online accounts or had made the necessary payments using a challan namely:

Class of registered PersonMonthPeriod for which Interest is to be “NIL”
19AAACI1681G1ZMJune-2018From the due date of filling return in Form GSTR 3B to the actual date of furnishing such return
19AABCD7720L1ZFJuly-17 and August-17
19AAECS6573R1ZCJuly-17 to February-18

Special procedure provided to be followed by Registered Person engage in manufacturing of goods specified in Schedule in Notification has been extended to 15-05-2024

Earlier government has issued Notification 04/2024 Central Tax dated 05-01-2024 to specify the special procedure to be followed by registered persons engaged in manufacturing the following goods with effect from 01-04-2024, which now has been extended to 15-05-2024.

heading/Tariff Item
Description of Goods
22401Unmanufactured tobacco (without lime tube) – bearing a brand name
32401Unmanufactured tobacco (with lime tube) – bearing a brand name
424013000Tobacco refuse, bearing a brand name
524031110“Hookah” or “gudaku” tobacco bearing a brand name
 6 24031110Tobacco used for smoking ‘hookah’ or ‘chilam’ commonly known as‘hookah’ tobacco or ‘gudaku’ not bearing a brand name
724031190Other water pipe smoking tobacco not bearing brand name
824031910Smoking mixtures for pipes and cigarettes
924031990Other smoking tobacco bearing brand name
1024031990Other smoking tobacco not bearing brand name
1124039100“Homogenised” or “reconstituted” tobacco, bearing a brand name
1224039910Chewing tobacco (without lime tube)
1324039910Chewing tobacco (with lime tube)
1424039910Filter khaini
1524039920Preparations containing chewing tobacco
1624039930Jarda Scented tobacco
1824039950Preparations containing Snuff
1924039960Tobacco extracts and essence bearing brand name
2024039960Tobacco extracts and essence not bearing brand name
2124039970Cut tobacco
2224039990Pan masala containing tobacco ‘Gutkha’
2324039990All goods, other than pan masala containing tobacco ‘gutkha’, bearing a brand name
2424039990All goods, other than pan masala containing tobacco ‘gutkha’, not bearing a brand name

Note: The registered person must maintain the following details as per the format prescribed in the notification with effect from 15-05-2024.

Sr No.ParticularsTime to furnish the details on the common portal
1Details of Packing Machines in FORM SRM-IWithin 30 days of Coming into effect of this notification. i.e. 30 days from 01-04-2024 as this notification shall come into effect from 01-04-2024.
2Details of installations of additional machine/(s) in FORM SRM-IIAWith in 24 hour of such installation in Part(B) of Table 6 of GST SRM-I
3Details of Disposed of the existing machines in Table 8 of FORM GST SRM-IDetails of any existing filling and packing machine removed from registered place of business shall be furnished within 24 hours of such removal in Table 8 of FORM GST SRM-I
4Monthly statement of input used and the final goods produced             by             the manufacture of goods in FORM GST SRM-II 
5Production Register in FORM GST SRM-II 
6Special Monthly Statement in FORM GST SRM-IIEach Month statement submit on common portal on or before 10th day of the month succeeding such month
7Certificate      of      Chartered EngineerUpload a certificate of Chartered Engineer Form GST SRM-III in respect of Machines declared in Table 6 of Form GST SRM-I.

Extension of due date to file GSTR-1 for the month of March-2024

ReturnMonthActual Due dateExtended Due dateEffective from

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